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hoya pubicalyx

Hoya Pubicalyx: The Ultimate Care Guide

The Hoya Pubicalyx is a beautiful plant that smells sweet and is easy to care for, even for beginners. The gorgeous indoor/outdoor plant offers pink flowers once the plant matures. Keep reading to learn about the Hoya pubicalyx and the benefits they offer new and experienced plant owners.  Hoya Pubicalyx Overview The Hoya pubicalyx plant …

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Black Magic Petunia

Black Magic Petunia: A Stunning Shrub

The black magic petunia is a unique petunia hybrid species that is bound to turn heads. The vibrant green foliage contrasts beautifully with the dark black color of the flowers. It is said that this petunia hybrid produces the darkest black flowers among all black petunia varieties. Follow along to learn how to provide the …

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