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Learn how to plant, grow and maintain your flowers and plants. Covering annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, house plants and more. Gustaf’s Greenery provides you with proper care guides, replanting techniques, watering suggestions and more.

hoya linearis

Hoya Linearis: Wax Plant Guide

The Hoya linearis plant, commonly known as the Wax Plant, Wax Vine, and the Porcelain Vine, is a popular ornamental plant grown in homes and gardens worldwide. Some people find Hoyas relatively easy to grow, while others have difficulty with them. Find out more about this one of the Hoya species in this article. Hoya …

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beefsteak begonia

Beefsteak Begonia Plant Care Guide

The Beefsteak Begonia is a popular indoor houseplant but can also be found growing from a hanging basket. In its native tropical forests of South America, it enjoys growing on rocks and trees as an epiphytic plant. The Beefsteak Begonia derives from the genus “Begonia,” which is very large. The Beefsteak Begonia has beautiful dark …

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dischidia ovata

Dischidia Ovata: Ultimate Care Guide

Dischidia ovata is a unique houseplant that possesses many unique characteristics. This plant is a truly beautiful trailing species with over ten thousand years of history. Dischidia ovata is also known as the Watermelon plant because the leaf markings on its dark green, oval-shaped leaves look like the rind of a watermelon. What makes this …

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philodendron white knight

Philodendron White Knight: Easy How-to Guide

In general, the Philodendron genus makes excellent houseplants suitable for various conditions and situations. Philodendron White Knight is the name of a unique, new cultivar of Philodendron, which looks to be an extremely promising addition to anyone’s houseplant collection. The name is something of a misnomer as the plant’s leaves are actually more yellow than …

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